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Originally Posted by GuidoK View Post
2 joints a day.

But look at it this way: where I live cannabis is legal. You can buy it probaby at 4 shops in half a mile radius from my house. When you're 16 or 17 you're a pretty bad ass if you smoke cannabis. When you're 25 its just cool and relaxed.

When a 35 year old smokes cannabis you're an outcast, a loser and nobody takes you serious. Not in the real world. The only friends you have are people who smoke it regularly too...

But as I said: the real danger lies in the way it changes your attitude. Smoking cannabis a lot on a younger age (like 1-2 joints a day every day for 5 years or more) changes your personality. It's pretty debateble in the medical world (amotivational syndrome), because it's very hard to study and one individual is different than another (why do most people stop with cannabis when they're in their late 20's and why do some not?). So there may not be a direct cause in cannabis but I think it enhances this caracter flaw.

But feel free and experiment. You're the boss over your own body and mind.
If you think it's really healty, you'll probably live longer and healtier if you consume larger doses.
I haven't met them though (no healty ones at least; consumers in large doses are at a surplus though )
There are a lot of factors to consider. Like lifestyle, excercize, mental abilities. Not drinking enough water. Many people have nutritional deficiencies they don't even know about. Also many people eat processed foods or fast food too much. People eat too many inorganic foods that are full of pesticides and other toxins, or even genetically modified foods. Our water is contaminated with fluoride and chlorine.

All these things are much worse for your health than weed could ever be yet most people are uninformed or misinformed about them. All these things make it difficult to study health problems.

So anyone that smokes more than 2 joints a day is addicted? How exactly did you come up with that number? What about medical patients that would benefit from much higher doses?