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Originally Posted by bmw325i View Post
No, it actually has been proven maybe not mainstream, but Rick Simpson has cured himself and probably 1000's of people with cannabis oil. You can also google it and you'll find plenty of cancer patients that have actually cured there cancer with cannabis. Cannabinoids have been proven to cause apoptosis in malignant cells while leaving healthy cells alone.

In this case the saying an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure comes to mind.
No it has not been proven. If he had a proven cure for cancer, he'd have a Nobel Prize and people in the first world would no longer die from cancer.

So we have anecdotal evidence of people treating themselves with cannabis oil and going into remission? Do science. Actual science. Prove it. Get a real cure. Get it in peer reviewed journals. Save millions upon millions of lives per year.

A Nobel Prize awards roughly 8 million dollars. I guess he's just not motivated to go make that money? Nor is anyone else who's heard of this AMAZING cure but is just sleeping on it? The evil government is sending government agents to EVERY scientist's house who hears about these amazing claims and telling them "If you make any breakthroughs in modern medicine using this oil, Uncle Sam will kill you!"

You do a Google search for "cannabis oil cures cancer" and the only link on the first page that's not a marijuana motivated page is this one:

It looks like an entry on a science blog which is about a year old and addresses some of the claims and the evidence. There's also a page on You'll notice on neither site is there a big "Mission Accomplished" banner suggesting we've cured cancer. What you're implying is borderline offensive.

What you are trying to say is there is evidence to suggest cannabis oil can effectively treat cancer. There's also evidence to suggest that natural remedies and a better diet can cure cancer. That's what someone told Steve Jobs and he believed it.

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