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Originally Posted by JimmyD View Post
I wanted a set of HRE's, they are definatly the best looking wheel, but I couldn't justify the price either, I can afford to pay cash in full when I ordered my BMW 550i because I justify my financial decisions, people dont become rich by making poor financial decisions. I ordered a set of the BBS CHR's, with a set of michelin pilot super sports added, the complete bill was under $3900.00 installed. I think the 5 grand I saved looks better in my bank account than theirs...just my opinion. But I guess if you are totally debt free and your retirement accounts are fully funded with over a million dollars minimum, I would definatly blow the money on them, if you could pay cash and not go in debt for them.
A million dollars?
Get real, money is there to be used.

I saved money for a couple of months to buy my set of HRE's. I don't get some people's attitude against buying cars. There is no medal to be earned if you pay cash. You ain't a better person. I rather pay my car out of my monthly paycheck than to leave a $100 000 hole in my bank account (price for the 335 where I live). But all this is just my opinion. I rather live my life full of the stuff I want than die with a bank account full of money.