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Originally Posted by SteveinArizona View Post
Good one. I agree. sometimes it is so annoying. They speed up when you want to pass them, then when you back off, they slow down, and the dance goes on.
I make sure when I go, I really go. I cannot stand it when I see a car in the left lane with a ten car gap in front going the same speed as the other lanes, which is essentially blocking the flow of traffic.

Originally Posted by Chihuahua View Post
Define "slow".
In the left lane, "slow" is anything slower than the flow of traffic or driving the same speed as the flow of traffic as the other lanes, which is what really bothers me. If drivers want to drive 80, let them. I think all drivers in the left lane should be courteous and move aside anytime a car wants to pass. My only gripe is with the left lane blockers. If drivers choose to drive slow in the other lanes, it doesn't bother me, I respect this actually as the are doing exactly as the posted signs say "Slower traffic keep to the right".