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Originally Posted by max2me View Post
I'm looking for a reputable tire shop in Seattle/Eastside to replace front tires on my 2015 428xi GC and alignment. I'd really love installation & alignment done by someone with good equipment and experience.

Who do you use on your car? Would you recommend them?
I prefer to use a BMW indy (BMW Bellevue & BMW Seattle are too expensive IMO) for alignments. Problem is they aren't the cheapest to replace tires. I definitely (after a bad experience recently) won't recommend Firestone shops.
I've used Discount Tire quite a bit and they do a good job; not sure about alignments.

If it were me, I'd first go to Costco (or Discount) to get the tires replaced: they're often the least expensive option and don't charge excessive for install. But they only carry Bridgestone, Michelin and Goodrich. For some reason, they (and other retailers) say that you should get an alignment after replacing tires: that's bunk IMO, unless obvious uneven wear is observed. Do you have uneven wear?

If you need (!!!) an alignment, Strictly BMW near Bellevue BMW or Eastside Bavarian in Issaquah do excellent jobs and are reasonable for price.