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The other day there was a message on the IDrive display saying something like: Oil level is at a minimum please go and refill to the maximum.

I did the IDrive oilcheck and it showed 20% above minimum level.

I went to my dealer and they read the computer. I was right, they said. But THEY WILL NOT refill it to the maximum(about .75lites) because of malfunctioning from the whole computerized engine system.... Whatever....pfffff....

I just have to wait when it's at the minimum level to refill it to the max.

And that happened yesterday evening when we were driving throught the beautiful countryside in the sunset(cut the crap!)

Message on display saying: OIL LEVEL TO THE MINIMUM , Please refill to the max.

I checked it, refilled it to the max with one litre, rechecked, and the display showed the max level and OK.

At last my question, having had several new BMWs in the past and my second N55.
Having driven now 7800kms/4900miles and having to refill it to the max with 1 litre of oil should be normal or what?
It's a new engine, but I can't recall refilling my other engines with that amount of oil in the past.