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Originally Posted by Eagle1oh7 View Post
The 335 may have less ponies, but it'll still beat the Nissan due to its torque, or at least I like to think that's the case LOL. The IS F-Sport looks way better then this Quack-50.
It would be interesting to see all of these cars on a dyno to figure out what the real world horsepower is. I think everyone feels that the 335 is underated - it certainly feels stronger on the road than the Lexus or Infiniti - more torque helps for sure. But it also gets to 250 km/hr just as quickly too so there is Hp there. So I don't think the naturally aspirated Japanese V6s are quite as good as the manufacturers like to suggest they are.

5 years down the road a BMW will still be what it is - a nice used BMW - the Lexus and the Infiniti will be yesterday's news and I am sure the depreciation curves for them will be much higher. This is the first BMW for me after lots of Japanese cars and I'm not going back!