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Originally Posted by m balla View Post
I think this thing is ugly... Infiniti and Nissan have gone down hill fast... The only real Nissan left is the gtr... the q50 is very feminine looking
In what world is that front end "feminine"? Unless you think an angry penis is feminine.

My feeling is the opposite. I think they overdid the front end while trying to make it aggressive. The whole headlights squeezing the grille thing is too obvious an attempt to create tension. As with the new IS, I wish they exercised a bit more restraint.

I do like the side profile, the back end, and the interior though. Since the current M, Infiniti has really improved on the interior design and quality. While I am not a fan of their design language, it's hard to argue with the quality feel. The touch screen seems to be especially well done, it looks like an iPad, in a good way.