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Originally Posted by chuckles01 View Post
Wait really? So 2014s have this as a standard configuration? That's good then! I'm expecting my 2014 328i in about 3 weeks... if that's the case, then I won't have to try to "convince" the dealer to reprogram it, since it seemed like such a hassle in my previous two attempts to talk to them about it. I am surprised that the dealer doesn't know anything about this change for the 2014 models though. Can anyone else with a 2014 also confirm this change?
I talked to a CA today who said they've quietly started doing it at the PDCs in the US, but they can't do it in the factory because some countries require it to default on for the designated eco certification that bmw wants/needs. They should know at the factory, of course, what country a particular build is destined for but I imagine things get swapped around a lot during production.

He also said there have been some 2014s that have shown up w/ ASS still set to 'default on', but it's been uncommon so far.


It still turns on in Eco Pro mode of course and doesn't automatically turn off if you switch to a different mode.