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Kelleners tuning principle for diesel engines

I know that this says that the Kellener tuner box works differently than, say the BMS/JBD diesel box does. Could someone rephrase this, describing exactly how they work differently? I do understand that the BMS works by tricking the ECU into supplying more fuel to the pistons while creating problems downstream with DPF and higher emissions, and possibly with other engine parts. Is the Kelleher box kinder and gentler?

The tuning principle for diesel engines:

Kelleners Sport additional engine control units for increasing power mainly influence the main injection time. The pre-injection and post-injection times are not affected because this would lead to a rough running. Consequently, the rail pressure remains unchanged when a Kelleners Sport additional engine control unit is fitted because increasing it would result in larger amounts of fuel being injected during the pre-injection and post-injection phases. Moreover, this would also increase the load on the fuel system, something that does not occur when a Kelleners Sport additional engine control unit is fitted.
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