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Originally Posted by Musashi View Post
BMW as well as experts caution on the ASS as specifically as likely to prematurely wear out specific components, not the least ignition and a few other components. Outside warranty, a single such job would likely eliminate most if not all savings in mpg in a few years.

Another issue, and Transport Canada is now on a potential investigation on it, is real pure safety. Happened to me. Imagine coasting in slow traffic, and ENGINE SHUTS OFF. The ASS was ON that incident. In that case, I was unaware it was ON, view-blocked by the pad shifters. Besides, you get used to the light and one forgets it. So, I cruised to nearly a halt, than a halt, and it instantly turned my car off. Problem: although the car ahead had pulled off again, the one in my rear was NOT SLOWING DOWN AND I HAD JUST SHUT OFF ON A HIGHWAY. I lost 0.75-1.5 second prior to restarting and 1 more second before getting to safety. Had the car in the rear hit me it would have been their fault. However, my best driving skills could not change the fact that in the second the car stopped, I could not take evasive action in a 75k CAD car..

Second time it happened was in a parking lot. Similar scenario - and just about any time backing in parallel- stopping before turning, it cuts off the engine. Another car suddenly appeared and I was again 1-1.5 seconds without any reaction.. I was again lucky.

Could get worse on winter ice and slush if the wheels really slow down or reach zero traction. ASS will still turn your engine off.

TC told me, off the bat, that if the vehicle stops in situations not intended, when needing power, it may be 100% safety issue. This mechanism was meant to kick off and save emissions at a red light stop, not when dropping speed to 0 and restarting!!! Anyway, if this feature ever denied you acessing vehicle power, in a place NOT INTENDED TO STOP, then the best venue is formal notification of your federal Transportation body. That WILL get BMWs attention.

So 12000 kms and two unacceptable incidents. Am lucky as I never drive to work and not having experienced that more often as I rarely get stuck in traffic.

The ASS would work if 'Smart' to shut engine off after... 5 seconds say? But when you are decelerated temporarily, makes no sense.

Mine is deactivated, peace of mind. It only turns on if in Eco mode, but if you remmeber to turn it off, it will remmeber the last setting esp Comfort and Sports

The system definitely changes how it functions over time. Mine doesn't shut off nearly as often as it used to.