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Originally Posted by anshu View Post
I used the tape that came with the reflector. Purchased from ebay seller named "ultimotors" but the manufacturer is HELIX which I've known to be pretty reliable in the past.

The adhesive had 3M logos all over it so I assumed it would be good to go.

I never turned the screwdriver and didn't use heat so I don't think the bumper lost any shape, but it seems like the reflector is completely ridgid and flat where as the bumper obviously has a bit of a natural curve to it.
Originally Posted by anshu View Post
Just found another manufacturer named DEPO, are they supposed to be any better? The 3M tape looks slightly different. Not sure it would make much difference...
That's really interesting. Sounds like that is the correct 3M tape I have always used. Actually if its the same Helix I know, they are located near me in Philly and I can tell you first hand they are a reputable shop with a presence on the post. Might consider reaching out to them directly (this is their website, if its the same Helix: That being said, I believe their focus is fabricating performance parts, particularly some nice higher capacity inter-coolers for BMW and Mini.

I've heard of DEPO (as i recall they used to make replica "blacklines" for e90s and other lighting products), but I think most people would consider the IND painted reflectors to be the benchmark - they are probably a bit pricier but worth it in my opinion. Also, I think you are right that there is a slight natural curve to the reflectors having just removed my painted ones and reinstalled the OEMs - both had that slight curve.

Maybe you can use some heat to bend these to a better shape? Obviously be careful not to mess up the paint though.
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