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Originally Posted by malter2.0 View Post
This will be like the VW 10 years ago, when wolfsburg edition held value better because it was built in Germany and not in Mexico.

I surely will be looking NOT to buy SA built. I mean just look at the end of 2nd video. No gloves as they polish the car and then with his BARE HANDS he cleans the dust residue after he did orbital polishing.
Oh no, shock horror, someone touched the new paintwork with their... wait for it... BARE HANDS!!! Get a life, the paint will have a whole lot more than that thrown at it over its lifetime!!! And they're all built by robots anyway... those guys in the SA plant are just a bit more laid back in their attitude to life (black people always have & always will be way cooler than us pale faced pussys) it doesn't mean they can't follow protocol and work those machines just the same as a white European!!!