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Modding my adaptive headlights for switchback DRLs

So towards the end of last year I built a custom setup to run RGB led board replacements for my DRL's.

They work great but at the time I couldn't find any boards with a dedicated white chip, unfortunately white on plain old RGB led's looks very un-natural and from the wrong angle it can look blue/purple ish.

So I'm back on the modding scheme again, I have found a supplier of RGBW chips including an additional amber chip, this would provide a DRL indicator switchback function.

However before I order them I need to decide if I want them sequential or solid, the pcb design differs based on which I choose.. what are peoples thoughts? I have looked at them for far too long and can no longer decide I feel like sequential is totally different and pretty cool, but is it a bit too much?

Mockup 1:

Mockup 2:
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