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Originally Posted by Jamesons Viggen View Post

Any comments on the overall feel of the car?
The sport seat and the fat steering wheel feel great when cornering hard. The car corners flat-no perceptible body roll. Shifting up and down with the paddles was crisp and fast but once I hit the freaking windshield wiper switch by accident and was too busy to click it off quickly

The runflat Continentals were surprisingly grippy once they got hot and are much better than my driving skills.

The brakes are FANTASTIC, no fade, no mush, no squeal, no drama, just tremendous bite and great modulation every time.

The power delivery is really good though sometimes out of really tight corners I learned that I was one gear to high ( I only got into 3rd gear briefly, the course was mostly 2nd gear). A quick pull on the paddle got the engine back on boil but it cost me time. That's my fault not the car. I'd love to see a pro drive my car on the same course. I bet I left 8 or more seconds on the course!

After 11 runs, I finally switched to SPORT+. I've never used it before. That was REALLY fun as I was able to get the tail of the car to rotate where before it had a significant amount of understeer (I'm sure a better driver could get it to understeer less than me without mods). The problem with SPORT+ for me was that my times were slower than with traction control on. They only felt faster because I was hootin and hollerin' ever time I needed opposite lock!

I absolutely LOVE the car and cant wait to be able to push it hard in a safe environment again. Overall my times were descent considering I haven't autocrossed in 20 years and I've only put 3K miles on my 3. There was another forum member there with a black baseline 328i and he put a second and a half on me (I should have left the TC on!) so needless to say I'm gunning for him next time!