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Got my roof wrapped in glossy black! I'm pretty pleased with the overall results but getting there was quite the journey.

Dropped it off at a mechanic shop who claimed to do wraps but ended up outsourcing the job to someone else who wrapped it (and wrapped it well) but didn't do anything with the fin/rails at the request of the mechanic (who had already removed them from my car before dropping them off at the wrap shop) even though I specifically requested that they be done. He ended up charging me more than we agreed ($300 instead of $250) for less work than we agreed; he claimed that it was a very involved job that required removing the headliner etc so he wanted more money. I didn't want to argue (not worth my time and stress) so I paid him and don't plan on going back. He also cracked my fin and re-installed it incorrectly so now there's a little gap between the fin and the roof.

He also made the mistake of leaving the receipt for the work in my cup holder, which is how I found out he outsourced the work. The bill was for a full $100 less than I paid him! I called the shop on the receipt and took it to them to finish the fin/rails. They asked for $200 but I told him the my sob story and they gave me a $50 discount. So I bled another $150 for a total of $450. The shop said they would've done it all for $400 before my negotiation skills would take action lol.

I was really upset to discover what went down but I think $50 is a small amount to pay for as much wisdom as I've gained from this experience. Plus the shop did a great job wrapping it up
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