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Haha no kidding, the cold weather package is one of the best packages I have.. I LOVE my heated seats

One thing I seriously disliked was the automated headlight washers.. it's set to wash the headlights at a certain interval of regular screen washes (you can't do this manually), and when driving this will spray your whole car because of the wind.. plus, needless to say, it empties the water reservoir pretty fast.. Thankfully it can be altered in the code, I simply disabled it lol

Originally Posted by reidpath View Post
Svache, any chance I could trade you a six pack(s) of Longboard for some coding help?
Haha no worries, I don't drink anymore (well for now at least, sadly.. stupid stomach) but I'll help you out, no problem

One thing though, just so you know, I hope I will be able to get a newer dataset of the software because it seems that some of the current builds are not able to get all the stuff done (such as the corner light delete, or the headlight washers). So when I code your car, it's possible I am unable to do some part of the things that you may want because of this (unless someone leaks the newer version)
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Note: Many PM me for links to the software needed to code. Please note that I do not have download links to this software. Your best bet is using the search function in the coding thread

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