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Originally Posted by opinion914 View Post
Looks like the latest update incorporates a clutch calibration after each flash. Assuming that's the clutchpack within the auto trannys.
I think that is the clutch pack of the transfer case. They do this because if you change back and forth between awd and rwd during a calibration cycle of the clutch pack, it does that once in a while, it can mess up the calibration (according to them). I had that problem and reported it to them (I might be the reason this was incorporated). I switched back to awd and the car kept jerking and felt like I was sliding a wheel when turning. I freaked out and contacted them. They tried to convince me that the torque converter might be dying, but I knew it felt different. So I recalibrated the transfer case through ista and all was good.

This is something they didn't experience on their test cars but apparently can happen. I guess that is the risk getting a product from a smaller company that can't do very long run tests on each car. Very good that they added that. It shows that they are on top of things