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Originally Posted by Dr Forinor View Post
I fear the public's demands have corrupted what BMW used to offer?
Or look at it another way, BMW have listened to their mass market customers and are supplying what they want.

BTW, what did BMW used to offer? Go back a few generations and revisit their priorities.

Originally Posted by Dr Forinor View Post
One of the best cars I have ever driven is the E46 Coupe, one was my cousin's which was a 320Ci, and one a friend's who I was a passenger in recently, also a 320Ci. Given his car is now at least 15 years old, and it still felt really tight, rattle free and the suspension again was much better than what we are offered now. Compliant yet sporty, which is what BMW was supposed to have been about?
Interesting you pick the E46 coupe as a 'best car' for BMW.

Back in their time, we had friends drive up to us in the Highlands from the IOW in an E46 330ci. I recall the guy saying "never again", he didn't realise what a poor ride it gave (sport suspension and 18" wheels), wished they'd driven up in their E46 320d SE, with a decent ride quality.

As he said, the 330ci was fine for local driving, but a 600 mile haul in one day and what he thought would be a decent drive was so poor, it spoiled the whole experience.