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Originally Posted by Dr Forinor View Post
That's quite strange indeed, isn't it?

Perhaps my view of the suspension in the E46 Coupe is glorified by me having to live with the unforgiveable MSport suspension I had in my E90??
Rather than say too much myself, how about a few words from Kevin Bird in BMWCar July 2010. Birds B3 Suspension:

Bold text; edited by me.

Regular readers of BMW Car may recall an article Kevin Bird, technical director of Birds Garage, wrote way back in 2002. He dearly had a bee in his bonnet about the sadly deteriorating ride quality offered by many BMW cars. Especially the tuned ones, It seems BMW et al didnít take any notice of his reasonable arguments, and there is no doubt that things have got considerably worse since then.

For reasons only understood by BMW, it embarked upon a program whereby it equipped all BMW cars with run-flat tyres. Only the M Power cars escaped this move, and you can imagine raging arguments between BMWs suspension development team and (we assume) the accountants and administration, revolving around the fact that the Ultimate Driving Machine was being massively compromised by this strategy.

Kevin Birds' view is that these awful devices contribute around 40 per cent of the current ride quality problems. But that's clearly not the whole story. Even before the advent of run-flat technology, customers were complaining about ride quality. BMW is alleged to have sent teams of development engineers to Britain to discover why customers were complaining. Maybe it did, but it's regrettable that nothing changed as a consequence.
If we agree with Kevin's analysis/opinion, (which many of us do), we therefore predate run-flats, for poor ride quality.

Originally Posted by Dr Forinor View Post
... I do feel that one of the things they excelled at was making a car that had great feedback, one of the biggest factors (IMO) that made the BMW a drivers car. Now these car significantly lack in the feedback department, taking away that something special that made them a drivers car. Your thoughts?
I agree some of the feedback has been eliminated, as refinement (NVH) is improved.

Been some interesting comments from BMW chassis engineers on why. One key area is getting the negative aspects of feedback reduced. Problem is, one man's heightened feedback is another's negative interference. One driver may like to feel the finest detail of the road surface, hints of bump steer, vibrations an all. The next driver views that as unrefined and want what they see as negative feedback eliminated. Difficult to please everyone with the same chassis settings.