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Originally Posted by BiggieJ
oops, my bad. your sn threw me off.

and Kal, relax. if you read asiann's first post he wasnt bitching or whinning about anything. he just asked for some options. if you dont believe in that, then fine, but theres no need to bash because you have different ideas. some people might want to take a proactive approach to their ticket and some juts pay for it. where asiann was pulled over could of been a illegal speed trap, you never know. some cops are honest and some just seem to need to meet their quota. either way whats wrong with asking? thats the point of these forums.

BTW you might not have assumed asiann was 16-17 but you sure as hell implied it.
he admitted he was wrong, what's the problem then ?
you speed, you pay the ticket

why not be a man and take responsibility ?
people want to blame other for their own fault , i.e speed trap non-sense, police quota ?

Originally Posted by Asiann
I received a speeding ticket for doing 72 in a 55mph zone. I do not disagree with that. I disagree with the fact that the motorcycle police officer was perched about 30 feet above me in the oncoming ramp. He had sight of me at least 500 yds and I only saw him because he got on top of his bike but at that point it was already too late. Should I go to court and plead that case or just pay the fine. Any Attorneys out there? Thanks for any advice!