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Originally Posted by kal-el
he admitted he was wrong, what's the problem then ?
you speed, you pay the ticket

why not be a man and take responsibility ?
people want to blame other for their own fault , i.e speed trap non-sense, police quota ?
the problem is he was asking for some options not someone to tell him to stop whining. fine, you get a ticket then you pay for it. others will fight it, whats wrong with that? do you really believe cops dont make mistakes or misjudge sometimes?

why not be a man and take responisility?
why are you getting personal, kal? he's being more of man by challanging (if he proceeds) for his rights. the next time you get a ticket you can just take it bending over, but you gotta understand its not always a clear cut case.

BTW ive won a speed trap case, the limit went 65 to 45 in a very short distance with no clear signs (newly developing area). that area had a unusualy high-number of tickets and they eneded up fixing the faulty signs. but im sure you would of just poined up the cash, right? and ive been pulled over (when i used to drive a honda) for absolutely no reason. pulled to see if had any "work done to my car." my cars been stock since day 1 and it still is. cops sometimes have a bad day or get bored. cops are people to, they do make impatial judgements and mistakes.