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Originally Posted by jdong View Post

The closest competitors are, IMO:

(1) 2013 Lexus GS450h. Definitely superior in city MPG, and quite good in hybrid seamlessness (a lot more pronounced electric usage though, which might be good or bad depending on what you like). However, the nav system looks like someone found a 1995 PalmOS tablet prototype and stuck it on the dash... and there's nothing sporty or enjoyable about a CVT or a Toyota V6 droning at 3000-5000RPM.

(2) Infiniti M35h. Also marginally superior in MPG, but lacks the refinement. Electric to combustion transitions are very noticeable, and sometimes jarring. Such a shame... it's really close to being good.
From what I know about those two cars, wouldn't the ActiveHybrid 5 be the better equivalent?

I wouldn't mind a plugin version of the AH3. Maybe we'll get one in 2-3 years along with an LCI refresh and I can experience the new car fun all over again

Although I will admit to liking the 3GT that was revealed today. In 325d guise, it might be just sporty enough.... and looks to return 40mpg+.
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