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Originally Posted by mfear View Post
they haven't switched out the wheels yet because they've tried it on 3 others with different wheel/tire combos and it's happened on them, too (i assume modern and luxury lines).

i'll describe it this way:

you could be on the smoothest road (freshly paved...or concrete, even).. close your eyes and drive from 30-70 mph and the ride will feel like you're floating on air.. won't feel a thing ..IF you hands are off the wheel. open your eyes, and with your hands of the steering wheel, you'll see the steering wheel vibrating left and right a few degrees.. has no effect on the direction or ride quality, but it's visually and physically perceptible.. to a significant degree. i should have video'd it.

it's not road feel or the typical BMW sporty feedback.. it's an internal problem. the guy was like, "well, bmw's definitely have a lot of feedback and a sporty feel.." ..well i've had 2 other bmw's and neither does this. lol
Does it do that in all "modes" comfort/sport? Seems like the rack is transferring movement on center. The center feel is really crappy in "comfort" I wonder if after the reviews they did a software change.

I hated the F30 EPS when I reviewed it but not as much as the F10 when it came out. The original EPS software in that was poor.

I am sorry you are dealing with this but honestly the A4 steering is worse even with your current situation (seriously over boosted).

Originally Posted by ric124 View Post
I'm new to the BMW scene and I am not sure if this implies but Where was your car built?

In the VW/Audi world I know the quality of a Mexico build was not as good as the German built.

I also heard that most of the cars on the lots are South African built and Germany focuses more on the ordered cars. This might not be true tho
All the initial cars came from Munich, Roslyn just came on line in March so they may just be hitting the US now.

Fleet can chime in as to what exactly Roslyn is building these days. With the past 3 it was only the 328i for the US. That may have changed.