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Originally Posted by ric124 View Post
ok good to know, thanks.

I wanted to see if OP and everyone who has the steering issue, if their cars was built at the same plant or not.
You will find the South African made cars have less problems per 1,000 cars than the German made cars. The lines move slower so more time is given to detail. All current F30 Factories have come in below the South African factory in the internal BMW quality control competition fro over a decade.

This is part of the reason that with the F30 the plant has been expanded to produce almost double the amount of cars, especially US models. Close to 1/3 of the worlds F30 are to be produced here, with only Munich producing more per day.

Just ask SA made E90 owners how happy they ar with their cars.
Australia found 80% less defects when they switched from Germany to South African built E46.
BMW if you are reading, I need a job, Please.