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Originally Posted by Frontosa View Post
is this in Toronto?

I am interested in a similar equipped car with 19 inch wheels and no premium/executive package. To add the Msport, do you need to add sport line first
It's mentioned earlier in this thread that it is a dealer in Laval that said that they could now order the 328i with M Sport package by doing a ZSP (special order). The prices I had posted earlier were from the 335 M Sport which I believe has the Sport Package standard; it is $1500 on the 328 I think. The other prices listed were also for the 335i. I would think that the Variable streering and the M Adaptive suspension options would be no more for the 328i. The M Sport brakes are a trickier issue to figure out. Here is all of the info I could find on the M Sport brakes for the 328i for North America.

2NH M Sport Brakes - $350 Cdn, available exclusively with the M Sport Package on the 335i Sedan models. This performance kit offers oversize brakes (front and rear) for increased performance as well as brake callipers painted in blue with M badge, adding to the sporty design elements of the M Sport Package.

• 4-piston aluminum fixed-calliper brake 18", lightweight brake discs
with interior ventilation and aluminum brake bowl
• Brake callipers painted (blue), with M badge
• 2-piston aluminum fixed-calliper brake 18", lightweight brake discs
with interior ventilation and aluminum brake bowl
• Brake callipers painted (blue), with M badge

(In standard form the 328i has single piston floating calipers on all four wheels. 335i gets upgraded to 4 piston fixed caliper up front and single piston floating caliper in the rear.
F30 328i - F 12.3" / R 11.8" | M Sport - F 13.4" / R 13.6"
F30 335i - F 13.4 / TBD | M Sport F 14.6" / 13.6")

To put it simply, for EU/ROW spec, M-sport brakes (i.e. option code 2NH, factory-fitted option ONLY AVAILABLE for cars with M-sport package) are IDENTICAL to M-performance brakes (i.e. dealer fit item from M-performance range), WITH 2 EXCEPTIONS: 1.) colour coded in blue instead of a choice of 4 colours for the M-performance version, & 2.) plain rotors instead of the slotted & grooved discs that come with the M-performance version. The discs are interchangeable between the 2 types of brakes as they are of the same size & same caliper design. This applies to all models of the F30 range w/M-package, from the lowly 316d to 335i.
Now, for US/CDN-spec, there are 2 types of M-sport brakes for M-sport package equipped cars. For 335i M-sport, if option 2NH is specified, it will be the same as EU/ROW-spec (i.e. identical system to M-performance brakes but in blue & plain rotors). For 328i M-sport, option 2NH means brake system from standard 335i (but with EU/ROW pads), only difference is the calipers are in blue w/M logo instead of the unpainted silver. So in a nutshell, US/CDN 335i M-sport w/2NH, then similar to M-performance; for US/CDN 328i M-sport w/2NH, then similar to standard 335i but with EU/ROW pads

edit: found on Real Oem that the 328i rear calipers are the same as the 335i for the M Sport brake option in US (and Canada?)

I don't know if they will make the 19" wheels available for the 328i M Sport in Canada; I don't think they do in the U.S.

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