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Originally Posted by m3dragon View Post
I believe there a few others coming from PA. Cost is not the issue, it is more if you want to make a long haul drive. You did it once when you got you Z4M so what is one more time
uh oh. you've peaked my interest. driving across country in my new Z was one of my fondest memories. my pop and i set out on a friday and had to get back before end of day monday so we didn't have time to stop at yellowstone. the roads...oh my the roads! (the twisties in idaho were my favorite and it was the first state we hit after setting out from seattle)

i'm glad the car came with a clear bra because the bugs are effing ginormous at night in the middle of wyoming/south dakota/minnesota. the headlights were just luring them in. at one point all i was hearing was thump thump thump from all these enormous bugs getting creamed lol.

that's my way of saying keep me in the loop. i'm curious to see how many are setting out from this area...caravans are awesome.
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