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Originally Posted by hkdude View Post
man they both have the same gearboxes and ratios and one is quite a bit heavier,you sure you weren't dreamin??

i tested the 528i up Western St............
i do respect opinions, hey this is supposed to be a forum to enjoy ourselves but if you want to say that its not underpowered no problems,great but now you say it feels "faster" than a 328i than i dont think its to got to do with physics at all.
its just like when people compare the 335i to the 328i, of course the 335i is much faster and of course a 535i will spank the 528i, thats the truth
Hope u're not talking abt me cos I never said the 528i feels faster than the 328i (if that's the case then I would have bought the 528i M-sport instead of being the owner of one of the 1st 328i M-sport registered in HK).
Yes, both 328i & 528i have the same gear ratios but the 528i have a slightly lower final drive ratio (3.231 vs 3.154). Wht's different is the software of the drivetrain - the 528i have much softer response when compared to the 328i. For example, if u accelerate from around 80km/h the gearbox on the 528i doesn't kickdown straightaway, whereas the it responds instantaneously on the 328i. As both cars' gearboxes have learning function, I have no idea how those demo cars were driven before I took the wheel (i.e. there's a big difference if all the previous ppl testing the cars were driving like old ladies vs everyone was caning it), & hence whether it's a factor which will cloud the real performance of the cars. That's why the only way to test it fairly is to use manual mode & hold it in a high gear going up a steep slope so that the gearbox response is taken out of the equation.
Btw it took me 4 test drives for the F10 (both 528i & 535i) & 2 for the F30 (both 335i & 328i) before I made up my mind (that's after I've already paid the deposit). At the end I went for the 328i even tho the price difference between it & the 528i at that time was only around $30k (that was before the 328i had EFV rebate in the middle of last yr), cos I know I would have no regrets re performance if I get the 328i.