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Originally Posted by rbe View Post
I like having instructions and speed limit info on the HUD. However, my BMW nav does strange things. I take freeways to the airport. I know the way, just like to use it to see how I am doing on time. When I transition from one freeway to the next, the voice and the screen says to go south. The HUD shows north, which is correct. When I go north the directions continue correctly, it doesn't tell me to make a U turn. I don't know why the screen and HUD show different info. It does that consistently. I have also had it tell me to turn left when I know right turn is correct. Same thing, I turn right and then it continues with the correct instructions.

Also my Garman shows exact replicas of freeway signs at junctions, but the BMW nav just shows a sign that is not a copy of what the sign actually looks like. As was mentioned before, the Garman speaks street names. The Garman cost $179 with bluetooth, free lifetime map updates and real time traffic info. BMW could have done better.

Perhaps this is why BMW is in the process of rolling out a new nav!