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Nephew...why all the questions i dont get why it matters to be honest. Might just take this thread down cuz its a train wreck
Before you weren’t so up front but lately you have. Thus the reason for the questions as everyone here is trying to help you out.

Now, have you reached out to your brother or sister for help regarding insurance? Could this fall on their policy as it was their son who crashed your car? I mean, if you can easily afford the financial hit to total the car and get another 340, by all means go ahead. But from what I was told by a dealership that frontal collisions on modern BMW’s will need a new steering rack so add that to your list if you plan on repairing the car yourself.

GL and though this situation is unfortunate, hope you keep your keys in a cake box from now on.
Ive also heard that tidbit as well about the steering rack. I think im gonna rebuild the car slowly taking my time with the airbags.
I bought this car like 2 years ago cuz of the supra hype. Someday itll be a 900 awhp beast. Maybe?