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Originally Posted by juddholland
When will everyone get it?? This happens EVERY SINGLE TIME a new model comes out. If it meant that much to you, you wouldn't be sticking around on these forums. It is not wrong to buy a car that feels different. Odds are, you'll fall in love with the car for everything else it does right. People will continue to buy the models that come out because they secretly trust that every change was made for a good reason, and in due time, that reason will illuminate itself.

But if you're married to the "feeling" of the car you have now, it must not be time to buy a new one. If you've never owned a BMW, take all the criticism with a grain of salt. As long as you don't know what you're missing, don't let enthusiasts and fanboys sour your first impressions.

That's the evil of these forums. Say you love your car and it feels solid. Then you read a bunch of forum posts about how the interior is creaky and rattly and cheap. This had never occurred to you before. You begin to adopt the mindset of the extremists, and suddenly your standards are higher and you notice every single rattle in your car. Forever thereafter you are cursed with a hyper-awareness to every noise your car makes. Every car you test drive will be written off because you notice it rattles or creaks a little when turning right up a steep driveway, which is something I'm sure most of you do not do every day. But the fact that it happens at all is somehow entirely unacceptable. And then you forget that there was a time when you didn't even notice that kind of stuff.

Don't let other people ruin your fun just because what's good enough for you isn't good enough for them.