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Originally Posted by DerekS
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So I hit a pot hole and blew the runflat out and broke the 20" forged wheel. Had to have it towed of course. Took 4 weeks to get a new wheel and tire.
That's the risk you take by installing 20" wheels on a car that was designed for 17" or 18" as standard set-ups. A 20" tire has minimal sidewall to absorb road shocks from potholes.
Good thing that you have insurance !
Well the wheel was a BMW 20" 361 wheel designed for the car. It was very late at night. Didn't take a pict of the pothole as I was on the interstate and they were doing construction. I failed to take a pict. of the wheel either. I believe they were fixing the roads and left that place un attended. It was loud when i hit it. I was changing lanes coming out of the construction one lane traffic. It would have damaged any other run flat as well regardless of size. Maybe not the wheel. It got flatbed right away. Took 3 weeks to get s new wheel from Germany. This happened on my 328 not 335.
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