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Originally Posted by Mason Hatcher View Post
I see this often: People in the left lane just a few feet between each of them. All stacked up behind a slow car in the left lane, but the center lane is clear. People are soooo wrapped up in being in the left lane that they can't see anything else.
Everyday I drive home from work(commute 40 miles) I see this. Freeway should be pretty open but all the lanes are congested(still going about speed limit but super congested) then finally I'll see an opening or two(or three or four) and make my way to the front of the group and past the idiot in the fast lane who is going the same speed as the other two lanes and sitting right beside the cars in the other slower lanes. Well wouldn't you know after you get past the idiots there is a WHOLE OPEN freeway. Like these people are so oblivious that there is no one in front of them, yet for some reason there is a traffic jam behind them and they cant figure out they need to speed up a little bit and move over so the freeway can operate like it should. So frustrating, and it happens practically every day to me.