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Do you get to basically pick any [new/used] car the dealer has in stock for your tier, or are there specific cars set aside for the program?
There is a specific fleet for this program that is separate from the cars available for sale from the dealership. It's a pretty diverse set of cars with more/different cars than they list on the website. (The website barely ever changes. Heck, even my user agreement with them still has all the old cars on it. They aren't very fast at updating digital assets.)

Whenever I go checkout the lot there is usually around 20-30 cars in the fleet. What I don't know is how many customers they have (who would all have 1 car). My guess is there is likely 50-100 cars in the fleet right now.

I am so curious why they decided to offer this in Nashville, and not in a place like Seattle (or some other "yuppie" heavy city) where a lot of commitment-averse, non-car-owning millennial/GenX users may be very amenable and wanting something like this.
You haven't been to Nashville lately, have you?