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Originally Posted by johnung View Post
If you don't mind me asking, what are the actual before and after mass air flow readings? I can't make out much trying to see these graphs on my tiny phone screen.

By eliminating the stock pipe constriction point the Pure Turbo pipe adds +42% more potential airflow into the turbo. I also have a '15 335i. I've been told by several who I trust that upgrading to the Pure Turbo inlet pipe would not provide a gain running BootMod3 Stage2 N55 EWG 93 Octane because the stock inlet was not holding back any performance gains, that the performance level of the stock turbo itself had been maxed out (running 93 Octane). Supposedly, the next performance bump would require a Pure Turbo Stage2 turbo upgrade.

So I'm anxious to know the before and after mass air flow readings. Are there other factors such as ambient temperature when the two measurements were taken that might effect the values?
Thats what we are gonna be looking into, however.. the stock inlet necks down to smaller than the inlet of the turbo so there is a restriction there in the physical opening of the pipe right before the turbo.
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