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Originally Posted by Tchao View Post
Interesting. Thanks for sharing!

What spring rates are you going to pair these dampeners with?
And more details on this bespoke project please :P
I'm going to pair this with the Eibach 34N/mm (194lbf/in) front and 95N/mm (542lbf/in) rear springs on my car now. You'll have to be patient on the project details for now . I promise I'll do a full write up in my build log when it's finished.

Originally Posted by sspade View Post
Wonder how much stiffer my B8's are...
If I had to guess, I'd think for the front struts Bilstein would want to make the compression force a higher on the B8 since there's less travel and/or put a stiffer but shorter internal bump stop in there. I don't think they would've changed anything with the excessive rebound though. The rears might've just been shortened. This is pure speculation though.

Originally Posted by sspade View Post

B6, designed for use with stock height spring.

B8, designed for use with aftermarket lowering spring.
I would take the whole "designed for" thing with a grain of salt given they recommend the same front dampers regardless of weight in the front (4cyl and 6cyl engines) and the same rear dampers across every F3x (no matter if you have a light sedan rear on the back or heavy wagon/GT rear end). It probably has more to do with piston travel and maybe bumpstop length (the fronts have internal bump stops) than actual damping rates. BMW OE has individual PNs for 6cyl fronts, 4cyl fronts, xDrive, sDrive, and one for each of the rear styles too (so sedan doesn't share the same damper as wagon or GT).

Also there's no clear "line" what constitutes enough lowering that you should switch to B8. Is the Eibach/ACS very mild drop (pretty much brings you to sDrive m-sport height for xDrive cars) the line? Or significantly larger drop of H&R?

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