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Originally Posted by sspade View Post
To add or further clarify the above...

The B8's are so short as a unit that they do not even accept bump stops up front. Im riding on a couple mm thick rubber donut LOL...

That being said, I have never bottomed out (crosses fingers and toes).

My thought is that the B6 and B8 are VERY VERY similar other than the shorter overall unit length of the B8.

Has anyone compared B8 and B6 rear shocks visually?
B6 and B8 front struts have the bumpstops internal to the strut itself. You'll notice that the shaft coming out of the top of the strut is much too large in diameter to accommodate a BMW bump stop.

Here's a video (go to 6:18) showing it as the shock is pulled out of the strut.

One thing to note is that the bump stops are actually made to be ridden upon in many cases and they offer an additional spring rate giving you a "progressive" rate between being supported by the spring only, and spring and bump stop. Some bump stops have linear spring rates and others (conical, like the OE ones on our cars) have progressive rates. You can tune your bump stops to get the spring characteristics you want, including lengthening them so you ride on them earlier.