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Originally Posted by BlauWeiss View Post
Yea I wanted to see what happened if I used a Brillo pad on the glass :P

The only thing I've done to the glass since taking delivery at the dealer is lowering the windows (relatively frequently), and that's where the deep vertical scratches are most likely from. I will try to somehow clean the part the glass slides against to ensure there is nothing stuck in there..

If it gets worse, I'll certainly take it back to the dealer..
Ironically, Brillo (steel wool) won't necessarily hurt glass so long as there isn't a bunch of dirt and crap on the glass for the steel wool to grab and drag.

Vertical scratching is definitely the result of something lodged in the window felt/weatherstripping. Lower the window all the way and give the felts a good wipe to dislodge whatever is stuck in there. If you get scratches on the inside of the glass, there's probably something in the door that's out of alignment.