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Originally Posted by jmatero View Post
It's unfortunate that BMW is using the starter to re-start the motor with auto start/stop. The Mercedes-Benz approach for their non-hybrids is non-intrusive and you'd never care about turning it "off" as a feature. When the motor shuts down in the Benz, the stroke on one cylinder intentionally stops full compression. To restart, they just fire the plug and it smoothly spins back up. None of the CRANK-CRANK-SHUDDER in the BMWs.
do you have a link for where you got this information from? this is the first time i've heard of MB using this tech. i did read an article about mazda trying to do something like this, but i don't think they ever implemented start-stop in any USA cars. here's a wikipedia article about it ( they don't go into any detail about MB specific implementations.