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Not sure how you are seeing 27?

The car is essentially a 335i with a hybrid add-in. The car uses a quick replenish battery to recapture regenerated energy and use it for low demand and high demand situations.

For example when driving in the city in traffic with ECO Pro enabled I have averaged 34-37 MPG, lower CO2, none of the start/stop jerkiness,while having full air-conditioning available. On the highway, the AH3 full disconnects the drivetrain and coasts when power demand is low. Driving 70 MPH, I see 34 MPG.

The AH3 is not a BMW Prius and was not meant to be. The car is a lower CO2 alternative for markets where your ECO score and / or tax band is determined by CO2 emissions: Emissions: AH3: 139g/km CO2 335i: 232g/km CO2

I simply love the additional mid-range power reserve you get In Sport + when the engine is supplemented by the hybrid battery

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You guys are only seeing 27mpg? I'm glad I didn't pay to get the AH.

I get 24mph on my 335 manual and I am in Sport Mode 99% of the time. I'm sure if I used Eco-Pro (NEVER!) I would get closer to 27mpg.