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Originally Posted by adelphi_sky View Post
Obviously 0-60 times are VERY important to some people. Just wonder if it's because they are involved in racing or not.
I can't answer why so many here appear obsessed with performance specifications, especially 0-60 times and distance to brake. Neither aspect of these cars is going to hold you back in even aggressive street driving.

These cars make lousy drag racing machines for a variety of reasons. This is not a criticism of the car; they simply are not made to do this well and there are much better choices and for less money. If one is serious about drag racing, an F30 is a dreadful choice.

As you probably know, horsepower is addictive. Even worse, like other addictions, you quickly become accustomed to what you have - and need more.

I suspect it comes down to a desire to claim "My car is faster" and other bench racing needs.
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