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Originally Posted by Lucky#slevin View Post
Just thought I'd share my deal and I am very curious on how I did??
2013 328xi sport line, premium, lighting, navigation
$3,256 down taxes, bank, mv and 1st month, $447 a month x 36 w/ 10,000 miles.
I inquired about the multiple sec. Deposits which Woulda been an additional $3150 out of pocket. Woulda brought payment to $401 a month for 10,000 miles. Big difference and I really wanted to but could not fork over 6k on a lease!!
FYI 1st time BMW owner and poster here.
First, welcome!

The MSD you get back vs. advanced payment (down) is just paying a portion of the lease 'up front'. So its pretty much a risk free investment when you consider the ROI (if done effectively) on the money saved each month - Awesome article here

Whats your tax rate?

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