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Originally Posted by gippy View Post
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You clearly don't understand the economics of the pharmaceuticals industry, nor the motives of the private health insurance companies and political decision-makers.
well thanks for your contribution there.
Its not hard to understand though, its basic monopoly pricing and lack of competition at the heart of it all, as well as lack of price controls.
Yes there are relatively lots of insurance companies out there compared to say - energy companies - but even then if you work in an industry where the consumer has to, by law, buy the product, it is a license to make huge profit margins.
The economics are not hard to understand...their objective is to maximise shareholder return, and lobby governments hard to create legislation that does not impact on that primary objective.

but please tell me what i'm not understanding in a PM - as its drifting off topic.
I'm not going to PM you information and insights which you can research on Google.

I worked in Pharma for 15 years. The driver's behind drug pricing, drug purchasing, and patient treatment are a little more complex than you seem to want to understand.
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