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Rattle from rear windshield brake light FIX!!!

Rattle fix in f32(or any f3x or f8x possibly, even other models)

This one has been driving me nuts since the day I got the car. Plastic vibration noise from the rear.
Since I can't really look at it while driving, so the issue has been presenting, until now. haha
I have tried a few things, a few place where the rattle can came from.
1. I replaced the dealer plate cover which doesn't fasten at the bottom two nut holes.
2. I placed adhesive at the plastic cover at rear passenger seat belt.
3. I placed adhesive at rear 2 iso fix baby seat covers.
4. I placed adhesive at covers beside stereo speakers under the rear windshield.
5. I even empty the damn trunk.

NONE of above helps.(but it may be one of your issues, possible places to check)
FIX starts here:
FINALLY, I let my friend drove today while I sit at rear (Not a place you want to be in if you are over 180cm/5 foot 10).
I found the rattle is coming from the third brake light which located the rear windshield.
Rip off the cover(just rip it, there are clips that hold it in place), look around and I find the perp! This plug into the brake light. I shake it a bit, the exact sound I hear for the last year.
I put adhesive under it and put tapes on the other 2 wires just to be sure.
Hopefully, it will fix it!

The only way to fix these rattle is never give up or accept defeat. Nor should you take it to the dealer. They will not look through nor they have the time. It has to be you. Most rattles are easy fix. You just have to be patient to identify them.

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