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Dealer put the license plate on....

So I've told my sales rep countless times to make sure they do not mount the license plate frame to the car since I placed the car on order in mid Nov. I get an email from him today that my car has arrived at the dealer today, I was only a few miles down the road so I went to check it out. First thing I see is the damn nasty big bulky license plate frame screwed into my brand new M Sport bumper!!

They said they will fix it...I ask how? They say they will fill in the hole and do a re-spray. Is this something I should worry about? It's difficult here with the language barrier but this guy was pretty cool and not the typical pushy Italian (no offense) I wasn't mad at him, it was the sales rep that obliviously did not do his job I was pissed at. Anyway, he said the paint being so new and never really been exposed to sun it's nothing to worry about and will match fine.

So this was my first experience while getting to see my new BMW for the first time...kind of sucks but tis is life.