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Originally Posted by M_Six View Post
Ok, the 7D has gone to MSRP minus rebate everywhere (i.e., it's now $1599). Just as I was getting ready to pull the trigger, too,

In any case, I've decided to sell some stuff and save up some more. Then the question becomes, do I save enough for a 5D MkII instead? Many of you own both, so I'm here to pick your brains about which one might better suit my needs. I know the 7D has a faster, more accurate AF, but I don't do much (or any) sports photography. I might shoot an occasional crop duster series where the fast AF and FPS rate would be nice, but by and large I shoot landscapes and critters. And I love shooting low light shots. That alone has me leaning towards the 5D MkII.

What say you?
If you're doing that, then maybe worth waiting for 5DmkIII? It will have a faster shutter then the mkII.

Might be worth the wait, price of course, but you should be able to have a rough idea of the price with the D800 information out there. I figure probably similarly priced.

Or used 5DmkII would bring it down to the same price as a 7D

It really all depends. Since you don't have the 18mp sensor, you aren't used to the sharpness, so you won't miss that on the 5D.

with the 5D, it's the same AF system as your current camera.

With my 5DmkII I can shoot at 3200 ISO all day and not worry too much. Yes, i will get some noise, but it just means i add some NR and don't do a 100% crop.

If you find that you're shooting your cats trying to jump and stuff, then maybe the 7D might be of consideration.

If you found lenses like the 135L or the 70-200 a bit on the long and unusable side, they will be easier to use on the 5D because of the extra frame, and might make lenses like that more justifiable.

Making the switch to the 5D will be an expense no matter how you look at it, none of your EF-S lenses will fit, so it will be like starting over in some respects. But if i'm not mistaken, most of the lenses you've been using are primes and likely EF correct? If so, it won't be a sacrifice.

you will lose a top flash *not that I feel that's a sacrifice*, but with the 7D, you can remotely control a flash, which is actually handy and fun to use. I do this a lot with the macro shots, like with those watch pictures in the SSOTD thread, those were both with the 7D.

If I'm not mistaken, I believe the 5DmkII has a faster FPS then the T1i. So if you didn't mind it's speed (3.7fps i think?) then you will have a similar feel with the 5DII at 4fps The extra .3 was noticable for me as I went from the T1i to the 5DII. But just remember, with that extra speed comes greater depth of field, more colour depth, and better controls (though the 7D controls are similar) There is more room to crop then the 7D which is nice.

When you lack frames per second, you learn to get timing. When you have excessive fps, you sometimes find yourself just holding the button and expecting something to turn out. This doesn't always work as that time between clicks could actually be the moment you were waiting for. So in some respects, having the slower fps makes you think more to get the shot that counts, and in some cases increase your accuracy.

when using the 7D, i still try to use the timing I learned while using the 5D and wait until the right moment to shoot, but once that moment has come is when I hold the button down and take multiple. Many people try to lead a subject in sports and hope for the best. That might work with the new 1DX with 12 fps

I shot my T1i at a Red Bull air race way back when, I didn't mind not having those extra frames, I just worked at making the shots I took count. The AF still worked ok.

If you're not finding yourself at sporting events, and you don't need the extra "theoretical" reach of the 1.6 crop, then you may as well go for the 5DmkII or III (price dependant)

The 5DII is easier to use inside for sure. Lenses you had trouble using indoors, will work better now, and you could shoot anything and everything at 800ISO and not worry. And why not shoot at 1600ISO and close down to an F8 and get more in focus while you're at it inside.