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Originally Posted by chip2058 View Post
Wow, you totally rock. I'm more for having ASS remember your last settings as sometimes I like having it on. Now, if you could figure out my ideal wish list I would be your best friend forever haha:

(in order)
1. Remember last drive mode selected. I mean seriously I hit it to go in Sport almost every time.
2. Enable BMW Apps. I have to imagine this is possible since my car has the combo box (assist)
3. Disable or set long delay on rear windows going down on comfort access or key fob. Sometimes i like airing out my car and then getting in and going but I have no need for the rear windows to be open (okay this may be more me missing my coupe)
4. Doubt it's programmable but I would love to have a driving mode that gives me steering and suspension of Sport with the shift points of Comfort for those days when I want to be fuel conscious but still have stiff steering
1. It's on my list to search for, I like that one myself as well and a friend of mine wants it also lol

2. I'm unsure, I think it should be able to get it done if you have all the right hardware but I haven't seen the codes for it yet.

3. I have seen the codes for this (if I'm correct about what I think you want), but haven't tested it yet.

4. Hmm.. I actually think this is somehting that could be coded as it is nothing more but hitting a switch to go from comfort to sport and sport+. I'm betting, however, that it is in that part of the code that I only look but do not touch because of all the things you could do wrong there.. perhaps at a later point (or perhaps I stumble on it by accident hehe).
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