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Originally Posted by JS_F30 View Post
I don't know if anybody has this issue. My night time running lights are on in the morning although the sun is out. During the afternoon, the daytime works fine, but somehow in the morning the night time running lights are on.
Dont know if this is a sensor problem.
Same problem here, for me it happens on a specific section of road on my morning and evening commute. It seems to happen when the sun is bright in the sky against a cloudless sky. I think the manual describes a situation similar to this where the sensor gets confused.

It's annoying, but a minor inconvenience. It's funny as I see all the other car on the road with their DRL's on, but all the other BMW's with their low beams on during a bright sunny morning/evening.

Interestingly enough, it was a little overcast this morning and the low beams stayed off