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Originally Posted by Mamasgotkids View Post
Does anyone have tips for getting ALL iTunes - Apple purchased music uploaded? That's all we have. I could never get it to load onto my VW hard drive. VW even told me it wasn't supported (which sucked). Since this car is only 2 days old I haven't gotten around to trying it yet.
I can't help you with the iTunes question. I don't like using iTunes for that very reason, Apple is much too restrictive in allowing people to use the music they paid for in any manner they want to use it.

My suggestion is simply to use your ipod device and plug it in via USB or use the audio cable supplied by BMW that goes from your ipod to a stereo plug. The plug then plugs into the input inside the center armrest.
It sounds just as good.

Sorry I couldn't answer your question. Hopefully someone will chime in and tell you how to do it. IIRC there is 3rd party software that may let you do what you want, which is getting the audio files off you iTunes and onto your HDD.
This may or may not work, but what if you created a CD using iTunes and then put that CD in the CD player, then see if he audio system will rip the audio files from the CD and onto your HDD, just as it would with a regular audio CD.
Just make sure to create an actual audio CD and just use the CD as a file transport, IOW, burn an actual audio CD with your iTunes music.