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Originally Posted by riimiX View Post
GERM4NY too.. but it looks like Germs for New York... LOL
Ha....I didnt see that till you wrote it but I can see how a person from NY would notice that right away.

My recommendation is don't ask for recommendations. I think the point is to come up with your own, that way you'll like it more.

Is there something else you can work into it that doesn't include the model of the car...ppl will be able to look at the car and see the model of the car. Like is it just another car to you or is it more significant than that...cuz there could be some options there too.

I have a 335i - I bought it as a 30th birthday gift to myself and we went and did european delivery, so my plate is EURDEL30. Originally was going to be ED30 until my wife spoke up and said people might think it means erectile dysfunction 30.

Anyway, there's a ton of options if you're flexible